DAYLIGHT  |  One of the greatest things of Studio Scheef is the amount of daylight that is coming in. The option to use the full spectrum of the roof or to (partially) blind the roof, makes this studio unique and wonderful to work in. Image-makers love light and the possibility to form it, to do this there are numerous black and white polyboards to bounce and stop the light. Studio Scheef has an easy to use polyboard slide system to cover the 50m2 milk glass ceiling if you want the studio to be dark.

On cloudy days the light delivery is around F4’0/60s/iso100
On sunny days this is around F5’6/250s/iso100

EQUIPMENT  |  Tripod  -  2 x Hensel Integra Mini 300 + Softboxes + Manfrotto light stands  | Avenger Boom 5m high x 3m wide  |  Lightmeter |  Standard Reflectors  |  LEE color filters  |  Polyboards | Work tables  |  Chairs  |  Extension cords  |  Clamps  |  Sound installation  |  Wi-Fi




FLOORPLAN  |  The photography space, the make-up and styling area, the upstairs and the coffee area are all in one open space. We carry the option to separate these spaces with standing polyboards to create the intimacy you desire. If you rent the studio for a standard setup, the coffee area and the studio is divided by 4 meter standing polyboards.

The Studio is 9m x 7,5m x 5m high  |  The Make-Up and Styling area is 2,5m x 4m  |  Upstairs 3m x 4m  |  Coffee area is 4m x 4m

BACKGROUNDS  |  Studio Scheef is a clean and sharp grey floor & white wall space. We have several coloured paper backdrops in offer and we have the ability to involve a set designer to make custom backdrops, different floor panels and complete custom sets. Also, off course, you have the option to paint the walls and the floor in the colour you desire. Please let us know your special wishes so we can make you an appropriate offer.




MAKE UP  |  The studio is an open space which can be divided with the polyboards in the way you like it, the cosmetics though, is a fixed position due to the mirrors and the make-up light. However, here is also the possibility to close the space for a more intimate time in the process of creating or change clothes.

COFFEE AREA  |  The tender spot. While enquiring, a good seat with meals and beverages steer to good relations, laughter and joy. That’s what we believe in, this importance results in satisfying content.

UPSTAIRS  |  The entresol offers a place to drink something and have some fresh air near the window. It is the den to oversee the studio and privately interact with one another. We wind and unwind, relax and exchange the ideas that brings us together, closer to the visions we have in mind.